Banking isn’t generally known as the most fast-paced field. And loans have not really changed since…well, maybe ever. But years ago, we created a new category of checking, and now we’re creating an entirely new category of loans: Kasasa Loans®.

The revolutionary new Kasasa Loan finally breaks the age-old model of traditional term loans (pay every month, repeat…for YEARS) and gives the consumer control of their debt! (We don’t use exclamation points much…but this one definitely deserves it.)


The Kasasa Loan Is The Biggest Thing Since Interest Rates


Like many loans, the Kasasa Loan allows borrowers to pay over their minimum payment to accelerate their pay schedule and get out of debt faster. But the amazing part is what we call the “take-back — borrowers pay extra when they can, and feel confident knowing that they can withdraw that overage at any time should they need it. And it comes with an awesome mobile-friendly dashboard so they can see exactly where they stand at any time.

With the Kasasa Loan, we’re putting the consumer in control of their own debt. This is something consumers want. We’ve done our homework, and our research bears it out: 9 out of 10 consumers preferred the Kasasa Loan to similarly priced conventional loans. And 98% of consumers said they would refinance existing debt at the same rate to get this take-back loan.*


Easy To Implement With No Impact To Existing Processes


Our clients are excited, too — they see the Kasasa Loan as a welcome growth driver for the lending side of the balance sheet. And unlike other loan options out there, there’s no impact to your frontline and existing processes. You keep your same workflow, lending parameters, pricing, and loan origination system. You simply market the Kasasa Loan, please the heck out of your new borrowers, and we do the rest!

Finally, you have a way for your loans to stand out and compete on something other than just rate. Can you see why everyone’s excited?! Best yet, at the start of the New Year, you can start competing with an innovative loan that’s exciting and empowering for consumers.


Expect To See Kasasa Loans Everywhere


Since we announced Kasasa Loans in September, clients and prospective institutions alike have been clamoring to learn more. As with all other products, it comes with tested marketing that identifies and attracts borrowers, compliance that you’ve grown to trust, and a dedication to service and getting results, so there’s no reason to wait.

Our first client to launch Kasasa Loans in market is right here in Austin and is seeing great results — the Kasasa Loan is already in demand. And since the launch, other clients are ready to move, asking, “How soon can I offer Kasasa Loans in my market?”

Kasasa Loans will be generally available at community financial institutions starting in January 2018, so be one of the first organizations in the nation to offer Kasasa Loans by contacting your Kasasa rep today.


*Based on 2017 Kasasa Consumer Study