Vennesa Van Ameyde

Chief Operations Officer

Vennesa Van Ameyde builds and scales collaborative infrastructure that ensures white-glove delivery of marketing and technology services to community financial institutions.

Vennesa is Chief Operations Officer for Kasasa®, an innovative leader in branded, community-powered banking products proven to drive profit and growth. She leads all customer operations, including product implementation and support, as well as creative services. Additionally, she improves efficiency through continual lean, Six Sigma, and agile practices.

Vennesa develops methods to repeat and scale Kasasa successes as the company adds new functions and departments. Her teams now serve more than 700 community financial organizations nationwide.

As Vice President of Interactive Marketing from 2011 to 2013, Vennesa defined the long-term objectives and strategic direction of the company’s internal and external marketing functions. For the first time, she aligned the company’s marketing product launch team with sales, customer service, accounting, and development departments.

Upon joining in 2008, Vennesa immediately improved the efficiency of the company’s new interactive marketing division. She doubled the company’s product launch rate and cut backlog in half as she led the department to the 1,000-launch milestone.

Vennesa serves on the Board of Directors for Upper 90 Sports Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to unite young athletes of all socio-economic backgrounds through competitive sports. She is also a trainer for the Lonestar Soccer Club at the Lonestar Jr. Academy.

She holds an MA in Diplomacy from Norwich University and a BS in Political Science and Anthropology from Vanderbilt University. Vennesa received Lean Six Sigma training from the University of Michigan College of Engineering and studied Theory of Constraints for Operations at The Goldratt Institute.