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Repel rate-chasers and attract loyal account holders with Kasasa Saver. It’s free savings with no minimum balance that rewards with a high interest rate when qualifications are met in their Kasasa Cash® or Kasasa Cash Back® account.

Meet consumers’ need for a high-yield savings account with Kasasa Saver and you’ll benefit even more. Kasasa Saver account holders require a linked Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back account to qualify for their high yield— so they’re sure to open at your institution, too. And when account holders have multiple accounts, they stay with you longer. You can also make your single-deposit account holders stickier by cross selling them Kasasa Saver.

Best of all, Kasasa Saver has a significantly lower cost of funding than other comparable sources. Combined with Kasasa Cash or Kasasa Cash Back, Kasasa Saver offers the lowest cost of funds around.

Compared to standard free checking. Kasasa Analytics 2013.

With all the products, marketing,
and resources of Kasasa, you can:

  • Get 2x annual profit per account.

  • Earn 45% more non-interest income.

  • Grow 50% more accounts.

98% retention for customers in existing accounts.

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Despite reducing the promoted interest rate and balance cap … the institution was able to strengthen existing relationships.

Case Study: Adapting Existing
Kasasa Program to New Industry Pressures

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