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Want a relevant product offering for the largest, most tech savvy generation in the world? That's Kasasa Tunes. It's free checking with no minimum balance that rewards account holders with refunds on iTunes®, Google Play®, and Amazon® purchases plus ATM fee refunds when they qualify.

Younger account holders choose products first, institution next. So, offer them a free account with an awesome reward and they'll increase your non-interest income and cost savings via their natural banking activities.

Plus, because Kasasa Tunes account holders value their rewards, they make your debit card their go-to for online purchases.

Compared to standard free checking. Kasasa Analytics 2013.

With all the products, marketing,
and resources of Kasasa, you can:

  • Get 2x annual profit per account.

  • Earn 45% more non-interest income.

  • Grow 50% more accounts.

With 75 million Americans, Gen Y is the largest living generation in history.

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38% of Millennials say they want to bank locally, but worry community financial institutions don’t offer the products they need.

2015 Consumer Banking Insights Study
Kasasa, 2015