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Grow New Accounts

with automated refer-a-friend technology

Share Kasasa™ turns your account holders into enthusiastic brand advocates

Encourage account holders to refer friends and family at the click of a button with Share Kasasa. The simple platform utilizes email and social media channels to spread the message. Plus, community banks and credit unions can easily implement it without adding paperwork or burdening frontline staff.

Easy on your marketing budget

There are no upfront costs either. Institutions offering Kasasa reward accounts get full access to Share Kasasa, including marketing launch support. You only pay for performance — the face value of the incentive gift cards. The entire program is automated, online, and gamer-resistant.

Users can’t “cheat the system.”

Share Kasasa only gives bonuses to consumers who become real, active, and qualified account holders. Our verification processes ensure that one account holder can’t sign up for multiple accounts to earn more rewards. By being gamer-resistant, Share Kasasa allows financial institutions to have larger, more engaging rewards.

Keep it simple. Keep it profitable.

Share Kasasa offers a range of operational benefits:

It is 100% paperless – no forms or coupons to reconcile.
Account matching, tracking, and incentive payment are completely automated.
Total transparency and in-depth reporting makes tracking account and program performance a breeze.
Bonuses are only awarded to real, active account holders who qualify.

Easy for account holders

After a simple account verification, existing Kasasa account holders can sign up for the program and start sharing their unique referral link immediately. The process is optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Step 1
Kasasa account holders receive promotions directing them to your branded microsite.
Step 2
From your microsite, they can click on social media icons to share their unique link with their friends.
Step 3
Their friends use the referral link to open a new Kasasa account online or in-branch.
Step 4
Once their friend qualifies for rewards in their new Kasasa account, they both automatically receive an additional one-time reward.
of people say recommendations matter when switching institutions.1
lower account acquisition cost.2
Results on average. Kasasa analytics.

1 Marous, Jim. "Secrets of Customer Acquisition in Banking." The Financial Brand. The Financial Brand, 22 Sept. 2014. Web. 16 Feb. 2016.
2 The industry average for cost-per-account acquisition was $250. Wilker, Brent. "Customer Referral Program: Simplify or Die." The Financial Brand. Web. 24 June 2015.

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Share Kasasa has definitely exceeded our expectations. Our consumers rave about the benefits of Kasasa even without the extra incentive, but now are even more motivated to share the great news with their friends and family.

Tiffany, Senior Marketing Officer, $1.2B Bank in Missouri

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