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The only loan with take-backs

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9 out of 10 consumers prefer the Kasasa Loan.*

The Kasasa Loan is the only auto and personal loan that lets consumers pay ahead to reduce debt, and take that extra back if they need it. We call it a take-back.

98% of consumers said they would refinance existing debt at the same rate to get this loan.*

The Kasasa Loan:


Lets consumers borrow money and pay it back with unprecedented flexibility.


Allows your institution to compete on more than just rates.


Grows your loan portfolio with a loan consumers demand.


Won Best of Show at FinovateSpring 2018 as voted by attendees.

"Bottom line: Kasasa's hybrid loan is a winning concept, especially for its community bank and credit union clients looking to differentiate themselves from the big banks and online lenders."

— Jim Bruene, Founder, Finovate

Have more questions? Here are some common ones.

How does the Kasasa Loan work?

The Kasasa Loan is a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan with an agreed-upon payment schedule. The consumer gets their initial disbursement and makes regular payments until the balance is paid in full.

With its mobile-friendly dashboard, borrowers have more transparency and control over their loan. They can manage their loan, make payments, and withdraw from their take-back balance in just seconds (and see the impact of these changes before they make them!).

The flexibility to take extra money back means borrowers no longer have to choose between saving for unexpected expenses and doing the financially responsible thing by paying down their loan quicker.

Take-backs deposit into the borrower’s checking account and the loan balance adjusts accordingly — but never exceeds the original amortization schedule.

How will this type of loan impact my current lending process?

Kasasa does not underwrite any loans – you’ll continue to follow your current underwriting and decisioning practices. The Kasasa Loan system interfaces with your existing loan origination system allowing you to continue your current day-to-day operations.

How can I ensure this new type of loan is compliant for my institution?

The Kasasa Loan is built to be compliant with all relevant lending acts and regulations. All information related to loan documentation, transactions, and amortization schedules is transparent for institutions and borrowers.

*Based on 2017 Kasasa Consumer Study

Ready to compete on something other than rates?

This award-winning loan gives you that power. Let’s chat about how Kasasa can help create more loan demand for your institution.