September 20-22, 2017

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Why Attend?

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Join the conversation and shape the future of community finance.

Learn how to navigate the shifting financial landscape.

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Hear thought leaders from finance, technology, marketing, and more.

We’re bringing you a curated lineup of speakers and sessions relevant to every aspect of your business.

Discover new products coming soon.

Be the first to hear about what we’re launching next. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

Financial Instutition

Gather information you can use now.

Gain meaningful strategies you can immediately use to empower your team and help your community.

Opening Keynote Speaker

Rana Foroohar

Financial Times Columnist • Author, Makers and Takers

“Banking was created to serve the real economy, not the other way around. But the U.S. economy has gone so far down the path of financialization, becoming so deeply embedded in and beholden to Wall Street, it's hard to remember that the original business of banks was very simple: lending to real people and businesses.” — Rana Foroohar, TIME

Rana Foroohar

Financial Times Columnist
Author, Makers and Takers
CNN Analyst

Success is not a solo endeavor.

At Kasasa Nation, community financial institutions from across the country will build relationships that matter and learn from each other how to lead their institutions into a strong, resilient future!

The stronger you are, both as a leader and as a financial institution, the more we all rise together.

This work matters because it benefits our lives in expanding waves, beginning with the success of you and your team.

The Impact of a Community Rising


My team thrives when we work together effectively.

My Community

My town is stronger with a healthy community financial institution.


We are all stronger as a stable network of community financial institutions.


Society is stronger with healthy, thriving communities.

We can’t wait to see you

Kasasa Nation is a gathering like no other, but space is limited. The sooner you act, the sooner we will hold your spot.


Reach out to your Client Director or to our Kasasa Nation Evangelist Kathryn Irwin.

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